Mystic Journey Rehearsal

I did a rehearsal with Suzanne Teng and most of her group, Mystic Journey last night. We were rehearsing for a performance at the Topanga Days County Fair in Topanga Canyon, California. We’re going on at 2pm on Sunday the 28th. Check out the cool, funky rehearsal room at their home in Topanga. Suzanne in…

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What a Move! Whew!

We just moved to a new place and I finally got my studio up and running. A friend of mine told me that he read that sometimes moving could be the most traumatic experience a person can have only second to the death of a loved one. Well, it wasn’t THAT hard for us, but…

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Amazing Performance! (Terry, Alex & Doug)

I spent Friday and Saturday night at a club in Hollywood called the Baked Potato watching four amazing sets of some very difficult and wonderful music being performed by Alex Machacek (guitar), Terry Bozzio (drums) and Doug Lunn (bass). Terry is one of my favorite drummers of all time, and he’s also of the most…

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