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“Souls and Saints” – a music art piece in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide Centennial

Today at 12:00 AM AMT I released a new music art piece titled Souls and Saints. The piece is 100 seconds in length played at a tempo about 100 BPM (beats per minute) The simplicity of the solo piano piece reflects the simple request that the Armenian Genocide be recognized I intended a bit of…

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Armenian Genocide – 99 YEARS AGO TODAY

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93 years ago today…

April 24, 1915: 300 Armenian leaders, writers, thinkers and professionals in Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) were rounded up, deported and killed by the Ottoman Empire. It gets worse: On that same day in Constantinople, 5,000 of the poorest Armenians were butchered in the streets and in their homes. That wasn’t the end of it: 1.5 million…

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