Eric’s Guitar Shop

Being a pianist/keyboardist, what do I know about guitars? Not much. But I do know a bit more today than I did a couple days ago. I always wanted to learn to play the guitar, so I bought a brand new black Gibson Melody maker guitar last summer. Why this guitar? Well, it looked cool, it’s not real common, it was black, and the price was right. All systems go!

Sittin’ like a proud papa

When you bring home a brand new piano, you need to have someone “tweak it out” and make adjustments because it’s made of wood, strings and things that stretch and settle over time. I had no idea the same goes for a guitar, even though it’s obviously made of wood and strings and things that stretch and settle over time. Ok, I just had my “duh!” moment.

So my my buddy Dean Cortez, who’s also a kick-ass bassist, told me “Call Eric, he’s a mo-fo and he’ll hook you up. He does all my basses now.”

I just picked up my guitar from Eric’s Guitar Shop. Brent and Eric did their magic to my axe and man this thing feels good! I really liked this guitar before, but now I love it! Thanks guys!

Testing it out in the shop

Brent and me

Me & Eric – Hey, this Gretsch matches my shirt.
Can I take it home?

Eric and Brent…

…are busy dudes!


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