Google Doodles and Happy Easter

I popped open Google today to see if they were going to have a cool Easter doodle because I dig their doodles.  They have oodles of doodles, but they don’t have one up today.  That’s weird.  So I looked it up.  Apparently the Easter Google doodles went tootles.

The last time they put one up was Easter 2000.  It was two cute colored Easter eggs.
Seems pretty harmless; looks festive.  Did someone threaten Google?…their employees? …the building?…the whole Google kit and caboodle because of a Google Easter doodle?  That’s brutal.

…ironic that they’ll embed “Easter eggs” in their coding but stopped making Easter doodles.  Wut up wit dat? (as the cool Armenian kids in my neighborhood say).

I like holidays.  Happy Easter.

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