It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World

I learn a lot about myself by observing my recently acquired Shih-Tzu puppy. And while taking her on her first long walk to a park yesterday she passed by and met a lot of other dogs and kids. However, her trip certainly wasn’t uneventful.

She was pissed on by a slightly bigger, ugly puppy that was playful at first; barked and growled at by a smaller, scruffy Napoleon-complex-suffering Yorkshire-Chihuahua; had her paw accidentally stepped on by a 2-yr old playing with her in the park, and hit her head on a bench while jumping from being startled kids running by…poor little thing.

Reflecting on these incidents, I realized that what she went through yesterday was equivalent to my experience in the music business! Welcome to L.A. Darla!


I promise to be more protective of you. You’re going to need a good manager.


  • Adrian on said:

    Great story Armen! I am super protective of my Shih-tzu, Junie. Best, Plissken

    • Armen Chakmakian on said:

      Junie is a great name! I almost named mine Jun-Jun, but Darla seemed to fit her more.

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