Modern Day Recording


Fun track to listen to and watch! This is modern-day recording friends. This is how most of us have been recording finished tracks “together” over the past …well, for me, since 2003, in my home studio. I wonder if it looks counter-intuitive to the way it sounds to some of the viewers. It’s more fun for me to have everyone in the same room, but sometimes that’s not realistic when you’re spread out all over the country or planet. Modern recording equipment is a godsend and allows you to record what otherwise might’ve just been a “God I wish we all lived closer to each other and had the budget to go into a recording studio” moment.

I embrace the times I get to be in the same studio with everyone and play at the same time because it feels good and those are the times you hear the best wise cracks from all the musicians and engineers (After a burning, first-take has been recorded, the engineer on the talk back mic, “So you guys ready to record one?” – that will always make one of us laugh. It’s all in the delivery).

Being in the same studio doesn’t always guarantee being in the same room. I’ve been in a isolated booth many times (and sometimes my wife let’s me out!) where I don’t see anyone and am listening to the music through headphones, so recording in one’s own space could be more comfortable. But sometimes comfortable doesn’t get you the best tracks. (See Deep Purple, “Machine Head” – mobile studio “burned down to the ground and they had to “find another place” – a cold, damp castle that was nearby).

You see the back and forth on this? What’s the best way to record? In the same room? Isolated? Everyone overdubbing in your own studio? For me the ideal way for me to record music is to just get the best performances from the best musicians using what is available at that moment. I consider it a documentation of the piece of music at that time in my life, and then move on to the next piece or project.

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