Musicians Flakey? Let me tell you about…

There’s a stereotype that musicians have, there have been many jokes written about it…the stereotype of being flakey. However, it’s not a glaring part of my life. The guys I work with are extremely responsible. Now, I’m at the very beginning stages of building a house, and I’ll tell you where I do see a great deal of flakiness (and I’m not talking about philo dough) running rampant – in the construction business. Ahh…I see many of you nodding in agreement! You know, the guy helping remodel your home who says, I’ll be here tomorrow at 9am, then doesn’t show up? How about the landscaper who promises to have it “done by Wednesday, for sure! You can count on it!” Let’s not forget about contractor who doesn’t show up for five days in a row and ignores your calls for all five days and then shows up on day six to work and – oh, yeah, pick up the check for the balance of money that’s owed to him. My favorite are the guys that you call because of a referral from a friend, and they never return your call to hire them! I guess they don’t need the work.

What is it with them being so flakey? I can see it’s an accepted thing in the industry. It’s “just the way we do business. Sorry. It won’t happen again.” Talk about a profession where there’s a lack of integrity. I have a handyman that helps me do work around the house. This guy rocks! He’s pretty much on time, stays within his estimates, and does great work! I appreciate him big time! Thanks Tony. You’re awesome!


  • Lara on said:

    So – you’re doing it? You guys are starting your big huge project? Wow! Best of luck to you – throughout this whole process. You’re dead-on – about the whole construction industry “professionals” being flakey. I don’t think you’re going to find one person who disagrees with you.

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