• Rejyna on said:


    Today – The world has lost one of our most expressive, diverse, solid & spatial lyrical drummer/percussionists to ever smack a skin.

    With Shadowfax and on his solo projects, Stu inspired and edified me and my daughter.

    With his kind words, considerate accessibility and friendship, Stu warmed our hearts and souls as well.

    Please join us in celebrating his art, his kind heart and that smile, while we also mourn his departure – missing him every day.

    Rejyna and Jazmyn Whitman

  • dr. octafer on said:

    I had the honor of hanging out with Stu twice when he played here (once with Ed Mann) and we just absolutely had a ball. There was a lot of cutting up, and Stu treated me as an equal, even though I wasn’t. I just remember him throwing his head back laughing several times. Stu had the courage to play ultra-clean drum parts that let the songs breathe. He was an inspiration to me, and he played my brand of cymbals.
    We e-mailed back and forth for a time, and I sent him a set of chimes made from a cracked Paiste cymbal, along with some little clay heads. I think the chimes were the first new percussion thing he got after the fire got most of his collection.
    I’d love to talk to anybody about him. I’m Kelly


  • KoriLinae on said:

    I had a the honor of a very brief connection with Stu via MySpace. He told me thank you for mentioning Shadowfax as one of my influences. He was also in the middle of moving to NM… and told me that.

    He was an amazing drummer/percussionist.

    I will miss him….

    Peace in Music,


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